We welcome you to our Soothing heart. Embrace it.

This beautiful sensory puzzle piece is designed to keep us always connected to our hearts and the ones we love and it is especially to soothe and support our loved ones who are feeling anxious and need support with separation anxiety.

It’s never easy to say goodbye or leave our children when they are distressed so the Soothing Heart can provide them with some extra strength and trust knowing that they are always connected to their special heart that is close to the ones they love.

This can also be a beautiful way to stay connected to loved ones that live far away or when a family member travels away for work.

The main piece of the heart is the “charging station” and is holding all the energy love and strength of the family so that the centre piece or the “key” can be taken with them to help feel strong and safe to leave the house knowing they are always connected and have the centre of the heart with them. The main piece has a soft rubbing circle to rub and touch to send love and fill the heart up.

We have added holes to the centre key to thread through a sensory satin ribbon or thread to add as an extra comfort tool. Recycled paper string is provided.

The soothing heart confirms to them that they are strong, resilient, independent and that their loved ones are always close inside their hearts.

As a family you can create your own stories around how the heart can best be used to draw each other’s love and strength.

Soothing Heart

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